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Inspirational City Views

I capture my street photographs either with my Sony a6000 or with my iPhone. I simply love wandering around the cities to feel their soul by observing the people, city rush and the architecture. This ritual of wandering gives me a “gaze” to experience and capture the city life. I hope you’ll enjoy this serie.


"A glimpse of California"

What is the first thing that comes to your mind about "California" ?
For me it is for sure the “beautiful sunsets”! In this section, I will be sharing the natural beauties of Cali life.


Campus Views

Bogazici University literally can be called as a “Wonderland”. In spring it is covered with pinkish flowers, in summer it is the best place to chill under the perfect sun, in fall the beautiful leaves are everywhere for you to notice the beauty of the nature.. Then in winter, though its a bit cold, the campus takes a winter nap under the pure snow. The Campus people inhabiting in this Wonderland Campus are always smiling and always welcoming.. I believe these two phenomenas are very related. Click on the "Campus Views" section on your left to explore more about this unique planet.

Fashion Photography

I had a chance to be a photographer at Los Angeles Fashion Week’17 and UCLA's Fast Fashion Show last year. Amazingly colorful frames have came out! You can take a quick look at my fashion shots on the “Fashion Section”.
This frame is from the LA Fashion Week's closing session. I simply call it " La People". In one single frame you can feel the universal vibe right?

A minute full of thinking- Making the Space

Sometimes I find observing the people looking at the artworks more interesting than the artworks themselves. I not only observe the people but also all beings from security to the artists to feel the soul of the art "space", which I think is created by their engagement. This time, my dear Sedef was there to be captured at Bomontiada, Istanbul, Turkey.