I'm Sila, 24. I have graduated from my double major in Sociology and Economics at Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey. 

I simply love photographing the world around me, hearing people's stories and discovering new environments.
All of the precious life moments and experiences I had so far inspired me to do this visual project of mine.

I am now sharing my photographs from various places I have visited so far, my never ending curiosity, passion for life and creativity and my stories with fellow friends into this project.

I hope you enjoy the visuals, the colors, stories and the thoughts and I hope they will inspire you to feel the love of life on earth.


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When did my journey with the photographs all begin? 

It would be right to say that I realized my passion for Photography during my first year at Boğaziçi. Whenever I was in the South Campus, I was finding myself capturing the life and the architecture around me. I was finding the campus environment extremely beautiful and artsy. I later found myself continuously spending a lot of time editing the photographs I took at campus. I was paying an ultimate attention for the details on my photographs to make them look perfect to my eye. Those were the times I realized that I had to continue taking photographs. Later, it turned to my biggest passion in life.

I then went to Los Angeles for my exchange year at UCLA in January'17. The cities I had visited, the mix culture, the diverse environment I had been to and the architectural beauties in the places I had seen during my exchange year also encouraged me to photograph the life around me professionally.

Note that every single photograph on this website has a unique story in itself. What I am planning to do next is to tell you the unique stories of these photographs.


Let’s explore some of my life moments in the form of photographs.